A husband, a father, a pastor, a citizen, a student and a sports fanatic, who seeks to live as a Christian, this site contains my reflections on what that means. My name is Chad Graham, and I have lived in California, Virginia, Korea, and about 10 municipalities in Western Canada. Currently I am in Calgary, Alberta. If you are reading this, go ahead and enjoy what’s posted. If you curious and are wanting to know more about me (as I usually do when looking at someone’s blog), then keep reading below.

As a husband I have been married since 2005, and we have three amazing kids. It is amazing how it can be both exhausting and exhilarating, both fearsome and fulfilling to be a parent. Nothing else is quite like it.

As a pastor, I have served as a minister of the gospel since 2003, and have been in my current church since 2008, ordained in 2009.

As a citizen, I have participated in the life and community of my nation, and while living in foreign countries, wrestled with being an alien in a strange land and learned to love new cultures, while learning new languages and new ways of life. I believe this has helped me to understand a fairly wide spectrum of the human experience.

As a student, I have a passion to learn both formally and informally. After earning university degrees, with a focus in education (99) and liberal arts (00), I attended seminary. First at the Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, and then at Briercrest in Caronport, Saskatchewan, where I earned my M.Div.(04) But learning, I learned that I had a lot to learn! I returned for more and received both the MA (07) and the S.T.M. (13) degrees from Liberty University. I majored in Biblical studies (Greek and Hebrew) and focused my research on Hebrew Poetry. Today I am pursuing a D.Min.(est. 15), which is a practitioners refinement program. I am privileged to spend  several weeks a year in modules on the campus of Southern in Louisville, KY where I am being exposed to thought provoking and life transforming studies, while developing my research on developing leaders through instruction in salvation history. I am also pursuing and have nearly completed a certificate in conversational Koine Greek.

I watch sports, because there is a beauty and purity to competition. I played a lot of competitive sport growing up, swimming, soccer, baseball, track and having played hockey through the youth development system and concluding my competitive time in the ACAC/CCAC college league, I continue to be a fan of sport and to play recreationally.  I also coach my kids and enjoy seeing them have fun and learn the values of self-discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and integrity.

You can follow my twitter feed @graham_chad or check out my current church ministry, http://www.GraceCalgary.ca



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